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Outline Fonts

Softwaretitel Outline Fonts
Vertrieb Gold Disk
Erscheinungsjahr 1990
Sprache Englisch



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Outline Fonts - for the Amiga 35 Compugraphic typefaces for high-resolution dot matrix or postscript output.

Gold Disk is proud to introduce to the Amiga this selection of high-quality AGFA Compugraphic outline fonts. This versatile collection of fonts can be used at virtually any point size, presenting new creative opportunities for Amiga Artists, Designers, Video Producers and Desktop Publishers.

High-Resolution dot matrix, plus postscript compatibility

These finely-designed outline typefaces may be used in Professional Page version 1.3 or higher and Professional Draw. And, because they are outline fonts, they will output to the highest resolution of your printer: 9- or 24-pin dot matrix, color inkjets, LaserJets, Deskjets, or any PostScript device including high-resolution imagesetters.

Use as bitmap fonts in virtually any Amiga Program

To use these fonts as standard Amiga bitmap fonts, simply use a utility included in this package to create Amiga fonts at virtually any point size. Then use the fonts in any Amiga product: Paint, Animation, Video Titling, Presentation or Desktop Publishing programs. Because you can use the Outline Fonts to create bitmap fonts at odd point sizes, you won't suffer the jaggies which occur from scaling down regular Amiga Fonts.

The versatility and high-quality of Gold Disk's Outline Fonts will greatly increase your Amiga productivity.

  • CS ITC Avant Garde Gothic Book 
  • CS ITC Avant Garde Gothic Book Oblique
  • CS ITC Avant Garde Gothic Demi
  • CS ITC Avant Garde Gothic Demi Oblique
  • CS ITC Bookman Light
  • CS ITC Bookman Light Italic
  • CS ITC Bookman Demi
  • CS ITC BookmanDemi Italic
  • CS Centaury Schoolbook
  • CS Centaury Schoolbook Italic
  • CS Centaury Schoolbook Bold
  • CS Centaury Schoolbook Bold Italic
  • CS Courier
  • CS Courier Oblique
  • CS Courier Bold
  • CS Courier Bold Oblique
  • CS Palacio
  • CS Palacio Italic
  • CS Palacio Bold
  • CS Palacio Bold Italic
  • CS Symbol
  • CS Times
  • CS Times Italic
  • CS Times Bold
  • CS Times Bold Italic
  • CS Triumvirate
  • CS Triumvirate Italic
  • CS Triumvirate Condensed
  • CS Triumvirate Condensed Italic
  • CS Triumvirate Bold
  • CS Triumvirate Bold Italic
  • CS Triumvirate Bold Condensed
  • CS Triumvirate Bold Condensed Italic
  • CS Zapf Chancery Medium Italic
  • CS Zapf Dingbats

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